Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hello All,

So, Cataract City's been out in the UK for awhile. Reviews have trickled in here and there. They're not really as blown away by it in the UK, overall ... not to claim anyone was blown away by it here in Canada, but the reviews were generally pretty decent. Tougher crowd over the Pond. Really, I've been incredibly fortunate with the reviews to this point, and the book itself is—like anything I've written—not for everyone. There's a certain "luck of the draw" aspect to book reviews: if you get a reviewer whose tastes fall in line with this sort of thing, then maybe you'll have a better go of it than if the book is given to a reviewer whose tastes flow in a different direction. All this is well and good and understandable; a lot of critics are writers, too, so they know how much chance, fate, and circumstance comes into play with all of this. As always, I'm grateful to anyone for taking the time to read and engage with the book, even if their experience isn't what I'd hoped it would be for them, or for any reader.

Huge thanks to Doug Johnstone for his review.

Thank you to Orlando Bird.

This ... this is a bit of a scorcher. Which is triply too bad for me, because #1. The Guardian's a pretty damn big paper, #2. Like I said, it's not a great review, and 3. I really enjoy M John Harrison's work, so it's unfortunate it's not much of a mutual admiration society. But it's a fair reading of the book and brings up points that I think some readers might struggle with.

All best, Craig.

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