Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hello All,

Some great news came over the transom yesterday. Gavin O'Connor—the filmmaker perhaps best known for Warrior, the fantastic Tom Hardy/Joel Edgerton film*, but who has had a hand in many great projects—and his production partner have optioned Cataract City.

This, obviously, is a wonderful thing to have happened. There's really not much else to say, because it's just happened. I'm incredibly pleased and grateful. And—with the permission of the other involved parties—I may comment on it here from time to time.

* It also starred Frank Grillo, who I loved in both Warrior and The Grey. And of course Nick Nolte, who earned a Best Supporting Actor nod.

I'll leave you with the final scene from Warrior, with the song from The National that played over it.

All best, 


  1. Hey well done - keeps getting better - and see you are with Graywolf too!

  2. Awesome news Craig! I too am a big fan of the movie Warrior because as you know, I am a True Warrior myself. Seems like your story will be in great hands. Congrats on all the success! It's well deserved.

  3. Thank you, Gerry and True Warrior. A spot of luck, for sure. If it's ever made into a movie, hopefully it will be set in the Golden Horseshoe—site of the True Warrior's greatest on-court conquests.

  4. Also the site of many worn, cracked seal skin chamois. Soaked through with rare penguin oil for deep penetrating back relief.

  5. Just finished Cataract City, unbelievable book, Craig. As someone who was raised in the Falls, I'm so happy someone captured the seedy-grittiness, of it, in such a beautifully written, thrilling way. Gavin O'Connor is so perfect for this (Denis Villeneuve was who I pictured Directing, reading it too), and will hopefully do amazing things on-location with the film! Congrats!

  6. Hi Lauren, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Certainly I'm always concerned—and it's important to me—that those who've grown up in that area see the book as I hope they do, which is in a respectful and, really, loving sentiment to that place. So again, my thanks! All best, Craig.

  7. I love the book Cataract City (read it two times), I'm a film student and I was planning on one day adapting it myself. I was kind of mad that it was option before i could one day do it. However I'm glad it's at least being adapted because to at least know that there is another Director who thinks as I think is good enough. Mr Davidson I hope we get to see more novels written by you, your real name not the Nick Cutter, by the way your other book the Fighter was pretty good too, I read that three times.