Thursday, October 10, 2013

CBC Sunday Edition, October 13

Hi All,

Do you want to hear me ramble on—not in print, but verbally, sonically? On the radio, I'm saying, just to be clear? Well, then tune in this coming Sunday to Michael Enright's CBC program, starting at 9am. Well, I don't know that you'll hear me blathering then, but sometime in the following 3 hours after 9. The schedule is as follows:

Sunday: Concert etiquette; restoring Ghent Altarpiece; nominee Craig Davidson; secret history of lacrosse; materials science

EDIT: I've heard from the producer, who tells me I'll be blathering during the second hour.

If you can't find the time on Sunday, then hey, you can listen to the podcast later on the homepage:

The Sunday Edition

All best, Craig.

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