Saturday, October 19, 2013


Hello All,

In Banff, doing some events for Wordfest, the Calgary-based writing festival. Lovely weather for this time of year. Love Banff. Love saying the word itself.

Banff. Banff. BANFF!

Here's a piece on Wordfest in the Calgary Herald. I've had the great pleasure of meeting Anthony a few times lately, so it's great to share an article with him. Thanks to Eric Volmers for the interview.


Anyhoo, it's been awhile since I was last here in balmy (for now) Banff. I did a writer's residency (I think that's what it was called) six or seven years ago. A bunch of aspiring writers up here, horsing around, writing poetry and prose for a few weeks in this mountain idyll. A good time was had by all.

And now I'm back for a few days. Staying in the same lodge/hotel as I did back then. Then back home—which, after Birmingham and Calgary, is where I'd like to be. But some of the writers are continuing on to Vancouver, then looping back to Toronto for the festival there. Busy, hectic and for them, I'd hope a lot of fun. For me, right now, I think I'd like to nest for a bit.

Speaking of the Toronto Festival—I'll be there. A lovely festival. I can just hop on the subway and scurry down for my events. Here's a piece that appeared in the Toronto Star about some authors, myself included, you can expect to see there (there are TONS more). It's nice that, in my late-30s, I can still squeak into the "young" category somehow. Also, I like the word "versatile." I've been thinking of a way to describe my curious output, and I think that's the term I'll be using from now on.


All best, Craig.

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