Friday, September 13, 2013

Reviews, interviews, and etc

Hello All,

I'll post reviews of Cataract City here, though I won't be reading them—as I may've mentioned in this space before, perhaps ad nauseum, they kind of do my head in. I'm in the finishing stages of a new novel and to read a review of a book I worked hard on, to see the way another person reacted to it ... sometimes that's just not wise. A few years from now I can revisit them, maybe. But I'm sure that all the reviews will be honest, critical where they ought to be, and, y'know, obviously truthful to that reviewer's impression of the book. I appreciate Noah Richler and Deborah Dundas (two top-shelf reviewers whose reviews and other critical writing I've frequently read and enjoyed) for taking the time to give their sense of Cataract City.

UPDATE: The Globe and Mail's review came in, too. So, the trifecta in one day. I'm appreciative to Steven W. Beattie for his review; as with the other reviewers, Steve is a pro and I value his opinion, which is why I won't read the review for awhile—but that shouldn't deter you one iota.

UPDATE AGAIN: Quill and Quire's review has been posted. By James Grainger, who interviewed me before I got my ears boxed at Florida Jack's, and also happens to be an excellent writer and reviewer. I've been really lucky with the reviewer talent. So, did I read this bad boy? Hell no! Should you? Absolutely, especially if you were thinking of ponying up for the book at some point!

TORONTO STAR REVIEW (I dig the illo!)

Also, a print interview conducted by Mark Medley, the hardworking and very cool editor of the National Post's book section. This I did read, and enjoyed it just as much as I'm able to enjoy things of this nature (ie: things that I'm a primary part of). Mark's a pro, a terribly good guy, and I really appreciate him taking the time to drive up to Cataract City with me while I nattered his ear off.

And also to Glenn, for his dogged photography session. Dig that classic "writer looking into the nebulous middle-distance" thing I've got going on! I was probably looking down Clifton Hill to the Funnel Cake stand, thinking that I'd like to eat the hell out of one of those bad boys but realizing I'm already getting a little bit of a dad-belly and knowing my feral metabolism wouldn't abide the insult. Sigh ...


UPDATE: Also, this interview with Victoria Ahearn, whose ear I also yakked off with all my yakkety-yak-yakking.


All best, Craig.

PS: If any readers come across other reviews or Cataract City miscellanea and want to email me to point out their whereabouts, I will certainly post them. Don't worry if it's a less-than-stellar review, as I won't be reading it anyway! As I refuse to type my name or the book's name into google, I really don't know if there are other reviews or where they may have appeared. It's tough being a cyber-hermit.

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