Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just a little heads-up for Canadian Amazon shoppers

Hi All,

For the edification of my fellow countrymen: there are two versions of Cataract City up on

This one:


... and this one:


If you want the book right now, you'll want that first option. The other one is a very early preorder for the US edition, which comes out next summer. I'm not sure why it's given as an option on the Canadian Amazon site, but hey, it happens.

I'm sure my Canadian publisher would prefer Canadians grab the version available right now; and I'd surmise that my American publisher would be happy to let that happen, too. And certainly Canadian readers, if they want the book, like, quickly, should go with the first option.

Just wanted to put it out there in case someone orders the US edition and then starts harassing the postal worker after a few weeks go by, grabbing them by the lapels and shaking and demanding their book. I mean, I do that regularly just to keep my postman on his toes, but I wouldn't want anyone else feeling the same need.

All best, Craig.

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