Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cataract City Canadian Tour Stuff

Hi All,

Are you champing at the bit (some use "chomping," but my highfalutin' English research has indicated that "champing" is actually how you phrase it—weird, no?) for novel news?

Of course you are!

You can't wait, can you? You're all aflutter! You're practically urinating yourself, you're so excited! Every day you wake up, "X" off another day on the calendar and say: Only a few more days until Cataract City comes out on September 3rd! Goodie goodie gumdrops!

And then, as the day draws nearer yet stays so tantalizingly far away, you despair, wondering if you can soldier on until that impossibly-far date. You consider suicide, as is natural. You consider building a sophisticated time-portal to bend the laws of God and physics—would you use this great advance to go back in time and kill Hitler, or stab Lee Harvey Oswald outside the book depository? No, you'd go AHEAD in time, but only a few scant months, to buy a warm fresh copy of Cataract City.

Of course that's what you'd do, because you're just so danged excited!

Okay, clearly nobody's doing any of that. But the day approaches nonetheless, and so why not give a heads up as to where I might be wandering this Fall?

Here you go!

October 2 – PORT HOPE (event with Mary Swan and Anthony De Sa)
October3 – WATERLOO (event with Mary Swan and Anthony De Sa)
October 14 – 20 – CALGARY (part of the WordFest. Exact events dates to come)
October 24 – November 3 – TORONTO (IFOA)
November 21 — Fanshawe College, LONDON
January 24, 2014 — Western University, LONDON

There may be an Ottawa date chucked in there, too. Or maybe not. As to the bookstores in Port Hope and Waterloo where the readings will occur, I really don't know yet. But that info will pop up here when I do.

So sleep well, my Canadian darlings, safe in the knowledge that you'll be able to see my clownish, sweaty self reading from the novel at some time over the ensuing months.

All best, Craig.

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