Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hello All,

So, you thought Rust and Bone was just a book, uh?

Well, no, in all likelihood you thought Rust and Bone was a movie, and a little searching brought you to this blog where you discovered the film was inspired by a book.

But you're all fooled, because Rust and Bone is in fact a play!

Rust and Bone on stage

Do you live in Australia, near or in the city where this will be showing? Then go see it, mate! Tell Yahoo Serious, Paul Hogan, and "Jacko" from those old Energizer commercials to meet you there! [insert other tortured and unfunny Australian pop cultural references as needed!]

In all seriousness, Caleb Lewis, the playwright, is stunningly talented and I was very fortunate that he turned his eyes towards the book as a source of material. So I hope it does very well in its premiere showing.

All best, Craig.

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  1. Hey man, just saw Rust and Bone in theaters. I ran over to Chapters to buy the book afterwards