Saturday, October 27, 2012

CBC's Fresh Air

Hello All,

Here's a link to an interview I did with Karen Gordon on the CBC's "Fresh Air" program. My thanks to Karen for having me on!


... I realize, listening to the first thirty seconds, that I have some kind of mild speech impediment—a bit of a lisp, maybe? Maybe I'm wrong. I don't want to insult anyone who has an actual lisp, if that's in any way possible. I don't want my saying, "I have a lisp," to sound like, say, if I sprained my ankle and said, "I've got a serious mobility issue." Because then someone with a real mobility issue would have every right to castigate me as a fraud and a fool. So maybe I don't have a lisp? But maybe a slight one. It's very tricky speaking into a microphone ... not brain-surgery tricky, but a little unnatural. Lips 6 inches from the mic, speaking not directly into it but across it, I was told, so my "p"s wouldn't pop. So that could be it, too. Maybe I don't know how to speak into a microphone? Which is why I was fired at my dream job as a rodeo announcer, sadly.

Also, if you want to read my profound writing tip, there's this:


... I outdid myself on this advice, writing my last book in 5 weeks. Beat that, Barbara Cartland! Of course, Barbara can't, being that she passed on in 2000, after a long life and prolific career. I find it's best to challenge deceased individuals—that way, I can't lose. I challenged Hemingway to a fistfight and the chicken-gutted coward couldn't rouse himself to meet my challenge! Ha! The worm! Also, I challenged Jonas Salk to a vaccine-off and, like a punk, he refused to take me up! Jonas Salk? HA! More like Jonas SULK, which is what he did after bowing to my superior vaccine-creating abilities!

Okay, enough nonsense.

All best, Craig.

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