Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hi all,

Hell, they could all kick the hell out of me but by this point it's been well-proved that I'd go down from a stiff puff of wind ...


All best, Craig.


  1. I think it was the kiwi stunt woman for Uma Thurman who was amazing, she also was the stunt woman for Xena - and a documentary was made about her moving from Xena to LA action stunt work.

    I know you write about street fighting, and boxing, the feminine art of boxing, has it passed your radar? Did you notice the Nigerian at the Olympics who took out the second seed had the same arm sweep as the 'Cinderella Man' of the 30's. While the Chinese boxer's arm reach didn't allow for the speed of the American, who in her teens had already put in over 8 years of training. Female coach, female refs, judges, boxers, sold out before the games started. The hope of the Irish, the American underdog and the British face of the olympics all in the finals. Just as one person who has done a couple years of muscle memory, 3 minute speed heavy bag pounding and 4, 6 and 8 punch combinations to another. In my limited experience, I've cracked ribs, seen 'boxing breaks' of the wrist and knuckles but never known someone to box for more than a round or two with a break in the hand - usually due to a lowered head block or off lever hook. How do they break more bones?

  2. Hello Elizabeth,
    I don't know that the feminine art of boxing passed my radar, exactly. When I trained as a boxer down in Iowa I worked with two incredible boxers, the Klinefelter sisters, Katy and Emily, who beat me pillar to post. I'm not really sure about how one goes on after breaking a hand during a fight; my assumption is that adrenaline carries some of them further than others, or some favor the broken hand and get through.