Friday, May 18, 2012

It came out early ...

Hello all,

My editor in chief just sent this to me now. He has a google alert that pings whenever "MuscleMag" shows up anywhere online. So hot off the presses, as they say:

My movie experience

Thanks to Mark Medley at the Post for approaching me to write this. I enjoyed doing so.

(... and now, having quickly read the piece, I've seen a few minor edits—as always happen—and I simply want to assure my father here, publicly, and later I will reassure him privately, that in the initial edit, when I claimed he had "the grace of a tree sloth" I'd also included "A Davidson trait—male side only." Which is to say if dad has any lack of grace, so do I. In fact, dad's more graceful than me. If he's a tree sloth, then my grace mimics that of a deeply intoxicated tree sloth. Just wanted to clear that up).

All best, Craig.

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