Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sarah Court Audiobook

Hi All,

Have you had a chance to read my last book, Sarah Court? No?


No, okay, you're not a fool. That was way out of line. I take it back. I'm off my meds—or I'm on them, more accurately, but not ones a doc prescribed. Okay, I'm huffing Dristan out of a grocery sack in my backyard shed. So what? My sinuses are clear as a bell, I'll have you know!

Okay, so none of that is true. Except the Dristan-huffing part. What is also true, kimosabe, is that the fine folks at Audible have put out an audio version of Sarah Court. What's that, you ask?

What, are you some dummkopf?

Sorry! Sorry. Meds again. Dristan, you horrible mistress!

An audiobook is a book in audio form. A book read in dulcet tones by a voice actor. It's a gas. You should go check it out. You can even listen to a little sample of it—like auditory honey sliding into your ear canal, it is!

What, you've got something better to do with the next 7 hours, 34 minutes of your life?

I highly doubt that, you no-friend-nik!

Whoo! What a rancid human being I am when I'm all Dristaned up. I'm switching to Nasonex—the same satisfying high, none of the meanspirited behavior.

Thanks to Brett and Sandra at ChiZine for working this out. It's very cool, sincerely.

Sarah Court audiobook

All best, Craig.

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