Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Fighter trailer from years ago ... hated on YouTube

Hello all,

So I'll link below to a YouTube clip of "The Fighter," which was a bookshort (basically, a book trailer) from way back in 2006, I think. I came across it today while watching something completely different, but it popped up the list of other videos running down the right-hand side of the screen, showing videos I might like.

Now Bookshort aren't uncommon nowadays, though it's probably still up in the air whether or not they're very effective. This one was done by Mark Hesselink, a young director and a very cool guy; me and my brother and my friend Neil got terrifically drunk with Mark on night at Hoops Sports Bar on Bloor, not far from Florida Jack's, the boxing club where I'd be drubbed scant months later.

We got hammered and sang karaoke, I recall (foggily ...) I sang Danzig's "Mother," because, well, I got to screech out: Mwwwwwwuthaaaaa! Tell your children not to walk my way / Tell them not to hear my words / What they mean / What they say ... [lower] Mwwwwuthaaa-ah-ah ...

Then Neil decided to sing "American Pie," the long version no less, and he barely knew the words so we had to get up there and help him sing that ... the extra lyrics with the joker trying for a forward pass and etc that don't end up on the radio version. What a nightmare.

Anyhoo, all of which is to say Mark's a great guy. And I dug the video, realizing that it's a pretty tough task to translate a book into a movie in 3 minutes ... lots of directors can't manage that feat given 30x more screen time.

But what first struck me was the views: 300k + That's not a lot compared to "Billy Bit Me" or "Dramatic Squirrel" or "Whatshisname After the Dentist," sure, but it's not insignificant.

Second were, of course, the comments. Repellant. It's probably hard to pinpoint the lowest point of the internet, the cesspool where are the emotional feebles, racist morons, prune-faced hags, Darwinian horrors, sadsack incompetents go to spew their torrents of doltish lack-wittery, but the Youtube commentariat may be the worst, the scummiest hive of scum and villainy in existence.

Anyway, sorry Mark. I thought it was pretty damn good.


All best, Craig.

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