Thursday, October 13, 2011

More movie stuff

Hi all,

This tickles me. Every other day it seems I'm seeing something about this film. I know it must seem a little boring to some but I think it's cool. I'm shocked---SHOCKED!---that there would be nudity involved. As anyone who has ever read a book of mine knows, I am not an advocate of violence or scenes of sexuality. My books are very chaste. Lily-white. I often give readings at elementary schools. So this has me all a-flutter, as you would imagine. I will surely be banned from the Temperance League meetings when they hear of this.

In all seriousness, I think this is great. Everyone knows Ms. Cotillard is awesome but I think the person who people will be most surprised by is Matthias Schoenaerts, her Dutch co-star. Jacques Audiard has a way of showcasing new and unknown (to a wide audience) actors---as he did in his last film, A Prophet, with Tahar Rahim. So my feeling is the breakout performance will be from Schoenaerts, (a) because he's awesome and intense, and (b) because an Oscar-winning actor like Cotillard can't really "break out" seeing as she's already famous. Anyway, I found Schoenaerts' "roll," as I guess they call it, online---basically it's clips of his best performances. It's sort of in two parts: slow and artsy (first 2 minutes) and crazy/intense (remainder). Shockingly there's a scene with ducks breaking through a window (at 4:14) which is pretty much the exact cinematic replication of my very worst nightmares. Fucking mallards! I hate you! Leave my precious windows alone! Aeeeiii! (in my dreams I'm a window fetishist ... don't ask)

Anyhoo, take a boo. I think he's pretty incredible.

Matthias Schoenaerts

Then, look at this if you want:

Va-va-VOOM! (totally in service of the story, though!)

All best, Craig.

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