Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Return of Patrick Lestewka & copyediting gig for an opportunistic/energetic/poor/desperate individual

Hi all,

So some people may know that I started out my dubious fiction writing career writing as Patrick Lestewka. This nom de plume has a starry/chequered past, in terms of its creation, but its inception was based on my mom coming across some of my early scribblings - I was 18, 19 - and being so horrified, so distressed at the good Davidson name being run through the muck, that she insisted I publish under another name. This despite the fact that our family tree is hung with no small number of jackrollers, ne-er-do-wells, bums, tosspots, horse thieves, machiavels, troublemakers, knaves, scalliwags, lotus eaters, muckrakers, carpetbaggers, vipers, trolls, ether-huffers, peyote-eaters, mountebanks and shysters, snake-oil salesmen, bilkers, pikers, spider-footed rascals and suchlike.

Anyhoo, I bent to my mom's wishes and wrote my early horror output as Patrick. And now one of my old publishers approached me about publishing a novella, and since I'd just written a weird little horror novella that I hadn't given a home, it seemed a good time and place to give it over. So in June, I think, Delirium Press will publish VEHICLES, a little horror novella about the end of the world, basically, and some other fluff. So go buy that.

Also, it needs to be copyedited. I won't claim that I'm too busy to do it, because that's just not true. It's more that I have a tough time reading my own stuff again and fixing all the little things that ought to be fixed. So if someone wants to contact me at and is interested in copyediting it, great. I'll pay $250 in good Canadian greenbacks, which these days is just about equal to US - good deal! Actually, for a 30k novella, it is NOT a good deal for most any copyeditor. But maybe you'd like to read it anyway, so this is a decent chance to do that and to get paid a few ducats and to fix all my mistakes. Wheee!

If nobody takes me up on this offer I will get the hobo who lives behind my apartment building to do it. He works for mittens, I hear.

All best, Craig.

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